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 28 December 2017  Careers Website Guide

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Creating a digital plan for your new careers website takes time and resources, especially if it is a plan that is tailored to your particular site. A careers site is one of the most essential marketing tools for your brand. But, there is no point having a carefully constructed, well thought out digital plan for your careers website if you have no way to measure its success. You are investing in the future and so you need to be able to prove that the changes you made were worth it – or to be able to find out that they weren’t.

But firstly, you must establish your recruitment marketing objectives to figure out the specifics of what you will measure. Fundamentally, this is about tracking the source of your successful hires, allowing you to modify your recruitment marketing accordingly.

Invest in the future

The main aim of digital recruitment marketing is to invest in the future and so it’s worth investing in your own digital channels rather than relying solely on paid advertising. This gives your own channels longevity, providing your business with another platform from which to promote your brand.

Now, the point of developing a cohesive digital plan for your careers website is to try and get as many candidates to your website as possible. But, much like measuring your overall success, you need to know how those candidates got to your website in the first place, whether it was from owned, earned or paid media channels. The specific details are vital to seeing where you are succeeding and to understanding the changes that maybe need to be made to your strategy. To truly understand your performance, you need to measure the success of your website through every step of the candidate’s process, from shortlist to first interview and then onto final interview.

There are principally two ways to see your website traffic source. Google Analytics is a simple platform to use once you have set up goals on your website. It’s quick and easy to see top performing sources by numbers, but you won’t be able to see what happened to the candidates after they have completed their application. However, when you’re measuring statistics in this way, be wary of an ATS that requires a human to enter the source as it might not always be accurate enough.

Measuring the key metrics

When measuring the success of your new careers website, there are several key metrics to be aware of.

Firstly, you need to keep an eye on the traffic to your site. You need to be able to spot the trends and the compare them year-on-year. Google rankings are also vital to keep an eye on. Take the time to find the terms and phrases you want to rank against and monitor their performance. Conversions, generally in the form of applications, registrations and any other way of submitting a CV to your website, are worth noting as it will be essential data when it comes to looking at the overall success of your website.

Probably the most important aspect that you should be monitoring is your conversion rate. To calculate it, add up all your conversions and divide them by your traffic number. That will give you your conversion rate. By monitoring this each month, you can gauge the efficiency of your UX (user experience) and the quality of your job adverts. If your conversion rate is below 5%, you might want to consider reviewing workflows and content on your website.

Having a new careers website is a great benefit to your business. But, there is no point investing the time, resources and money into creating this website, unless you have the strategy and means in place to measure your success. It is only through measuring the various outcomes that you will be able to justify the changes that you have made and constantly tweak aspects of the website. This ensures that you have a well-functioning and effective careers website.

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Case study - npower

As one of Britain's largest energy suppliers, npower needed a careers website that reflected their heritage and leveraged their employer brand to attract candidates.

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