Why you should be investing time into creating great team profiles

 06 March 2018  Careers Website Guide

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Recruitment is a personality-focussed business. Employers are- or should be- constantly on the lookout for that candidate who offers something ‘extra’: who is personable, driven and enthusiastic. Similarly, candidates are more likely to accept an application offer made by a company who proved to be welcoming, engaged and interested at the interview process. Indeed, 15% of candidates who have had a positive hiring experience put more effort into their job.

First impressions matter. You want potential candidates to feel like they can ask you questions, and be engaged by your careers website: that way, they’ll have a much higher opinion of your employer brand and be, in turn, more likely to apply for a job with you.

With more and more businesses investing time into adapting their team pages and making them an important part of their marketing and recruitment strategies, now is the time for you to be doing the same.

Here’s why.

Build your employer brand

Branding is becoming a major concern for employers: 75% of job seekers consider a company’s employer brand before they even apply to their vacancy, whilst employers with a strong talent brand get twice as many applicants as their competitors. Many companies are turning to their careers websites to give them the edge in candidate attraction, and team profiles is a key part of this.

Team profiles give companies the chance to show visitors a friendly, human face behind the professional front of the business. Giving employees their own profiles, and letting them tell their own stories about why they arrived at the company, or why they like working there, is a shot in the arm for potential employees, who can hear first-hand about why that company is a great place to be employed- and it also gives them a much clearer idea of who it is that they’re corresponding with by email or telephone.

Given that organisations who invest in employer branding are three times more likely to make a quality hire, having a team profile is a quick and easy way to giving candidates a point of reference and a chance to learn about the company- especially as a company’s career site is still the number one place that candidates research employers.

Encourage applications

This, in turn, can increase conversions- and applications. Presenting a friendly face to viewers encourages people to connect with them as individuals, rather than with the company. By delegating roles to specific people, or ‘managers’, who are ‘in charge’ of that vacancy- as is becoming the norm- potential candidates are given a much clearer idea of whom to contact should they have questions about a job vacancy, and who they’ll be interviewed by should they make it past the initial application stages. The end result is a much more approachable team, and a higher level of candidate engagement and applications.

It’s time to personalise your candidate user experience.

Having team profiles on your careers website can pay off in more ways than one. In addition to creating a more tangible connection between your candidates and your resourcing team, it also increases the chance that you’ll receive quality applications from more people. In today’s fast-moving market, you need to innovate if you want to stay ahead- and team profiles is one easy, surefire way to do that.

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Case study - npower

As one of Britain's largest energy suppliers, npower needed a careers website that reflected their heritage and leveraged their employer brand to attract candidates.

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