How to get creative with your social media strategy

 27 April 2018  Careers Website Guide

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Having a healthy presence on social media is vital for any company that wants to attract and reach out to candidates in today’s competitive recruitment market. With millions of potential employees on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you need to be creative in the way that you market yourself, if you want to catch their attention ahead of your competitors- and with 48% of candidates using social media in the search for their next job, it should be a vital part of your recruitment strategy.

Though many people think that it’s all about getting likes and follows, engaging people on social media is really all about showcasing your employer brand and making your company look like somewhere others want to work. After all, 66% of people who changed jobs were aware of the company they joined before they even applied: when it comes to making hires, visibility pays off.
Here are some tips for going the extra mile and creating a social media presence that really attracts people.

Don’t be afraid to get funny

Many companies try and stick to their promoting their jobs on social media, and posts that fall strictly within what is acceptable for their brand. But how are you going to engage people in that way? On social media, people have an 8-second average attention span, so if you want to catch their attention you might have to shake up your news feed a little. Some brands are household names simply because of their funny, creative marketing strategies, and the same is absolutely true for social media: from Innocent Smoothies’ irreverent take on food to Virgin’s blend of humour and informative content, it catches peoples’ attention and helps promote your brand on social media.

Of course, you don’t have to go all out, but mixing it up your social media feed with interesting posts from your sector- and perhaps even beyond- shows that you’re not just focussed on hiring: you’re a feed that people want to follow.

Try new mediums

Job posts get 36% more applications if they’re posted with a recruiting video. Though they can take time to create, investing effort into making videos, infographics and even Twitter banners are a fantastic way of grabbing a browser’s attention, because they stick out from the news feed and offer a quickly-digestible bit of content that you can edit to say almost anything. As a way of getting a message across, it’s more effective than a simple post, and really makes your jobs and content stick out from the crowd.

Open up

Of course, the number one way of cultivating interest in your company is by developing your employer brand. Short of encouraging your employees to share posts for you, and spread company news- which can help attract more views- why not get creative with how you display your company online? By posting employee testimonials and videos, you can show prospective employees what it’s like to work for you.

However, you can also take it a step further: some companies like WorldVision hold photo competitions for their employees, so they can gather team photos; still others organise personal branding sessions for their staff, teaching them how to take control of their LinkedIn profiles, post statuses and write articles. Given that candidates trust employees to provide information on your company three times more than the company itself, taking the time to involve your employees in fun and innovative new ways could be an important part of expanding your visibility online, as well as offering a window for prospective candidates to see what it’s really like to work at your company.

If you want to give your social media strategy the boost it needs, we have you covered.

If you’re still looking for insights into the world of careers websites, why not explore our blog for more tips and tricks?

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Case study - npower

As one of Britain's largest energy suppliers, npower needed a careers website that reflected their heritage and leveraged their employer brand to attract candidates.

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