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When you want to hire at scale, it’s vital that you have an excellent careers website in place if you want to fill all your vacancies, and attract the freshest talent from around the market. A careers website should be your candidates’ first port of call, rather than any job board: it allows you to showcase your employer brand, post new and relevant content, and give candidates a taste of what life is really like at your company.

And, as npower shows, it can also massively increase your visibility and reach…


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The Aim

As one of the biggest suppliers in the British energy market, npower face strong competition when it comes to attracting top talent. To ensure they could stay ahead of the curve in the changing recruitment market, they had to look for a more efficient way to source talent across all levels and areas of their business; indeed, they needed to attract, engage and convert talent in a way that reinforced their position as an employer of choice. To do that, they needed a new careers website.

The Method

After hundreds of surveys, interviews and consultations, with npower’s communications team and web design agency they created a careers website that combined ease of use with candidate experience.

Designed to cater for npower’s variety of audiences, the new website contained a tailored workflow that drove candidates into registering and applying for jobs. The top-notch functionality ensured easy website administration of content, SEO, emails, candidates and vacancies. In addition, every job was indexed by Google, not hidden by the ATS, which further boosted SEO rankings. Jobs could be shared via social media, whilst their Facebook page included live job search and apply functionalities.

The Result

After 12 months, npower’s website traffic had trebled, whilst their application conversion rates increased to 15%. Furthermore, the hires that they had made via the website saved the business £2.4 million in agency fees and a further £200,000 in job board spend.

Prior to npower’s new strategy, 98% of placements were made via recruitment agencies. Afterwards, over 80% were made directly. The number of visitors from non-branded search phrases doubled to 46% and npower ranked 30 pages higher in Google. Since the site’s launch, npower rose almost 100 places in the Guardian’s UK 300 most popular graduate employers.


The New Brief


Having undergone an extensive rebranding project in-house the careers website needed to be overhauled to reflect the new brand values, offer greater accessibility and boost the presence of npower’s Employee Proposition.

The Method

A new design was created to showcase and foreground npower’s people, whilst maintaining the simple workflows that made the previous website build so accessible for its visitors. The entire website was simplified, and the navigation was designed to be highly intuitive, to enable a seamless user experience.

All of npower’s relevant content can now be found quickly and effortlessly, and to increase candidate engagement the blogs were given a visual overhaul to bring the experience in line with the rest of the site.

In light of the new brand, the previous content marketing strategy was revised in order to bring it in line with npower’s overarching message. Npower also began delivering a highly targeted social media marketing strategy, in response to the ongoing rise of social media in recruitment best practice.

The Results is now a more modern-looking website, especially compared to its previous iteration. It appears more expansive, despite no changes being made to the website dimensions.

The revamped, intuitive user experience means that the risk of losing candidates whilst on the site has been minimised – complemented by the visually engaging content pages and well-placed call to actions on every page.

Blog views have more than doubled, while the number of conversions (applications, registrations, CVs) that follow reading npower’s blogs has risen by 54% – well into the thousands.

Traffic gained via social media has risen by 163%, while the number of candidate conversions assisted by social media has risen by 82%. Engagement across all social channels are up, not only providing npower with a new source of candidates but an excellent medium to bring their brand to life.

Overall, 85% of npower’s applications come via the careers website, delivering a significant reduction in cost-of-hire for a 10,000 strong employer. Investing in a careers website has been a huge success for them as employers, leveraging their employer brand to engage candidates and massively increasing their number of applications; in addition, their ATS integration ensures that their jobs can be seen on Google, thus increasing their SEO rankings even further.


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