Digital Advertising

Your job advertisements may be well-written and engaging, but if nobody can see them then there’s no use having them. This is where Digital Advertising comes in. It helps you to become more visible online, whether it’s on social media or by boosting your rankings up to a prominent position on Google.

A good Digital Advertising campaign therefore comprises several elements:

SEO: If you want to gain visibility online, a good SEO campaign is key to building and maintaining traffic rates to your website. Not only is it free, but you’ll also reap its benefits for years to come, as it can keep your website high in Google’s rankings for a considerable time after you’ve worked on it.

There are several things you can do to help boost your SEO, from building internal links in your website to producing fresh, relevant content that people want to share, containing keywords that are relevant to your industry. By putting effort into your SEO, and by monitoring it on Google Analytics, you’ll be able to improve and build upon it year after year.

Google PPC Campaigns: Though SEO should be a main priority for employers, Google PPC campaigns are extremely useful when it comes to getting results quickly. Working on a pay-per-click basis, sites like Indeed or Google will allow you to set a budget and will then market your website or content above the Organic Search results for a particular keyword or search phrase until your set amount of budget runs out.

Social Media: With almost 1.96 billion people on social media, businesses who aren’t getting involved are missing out. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are vital tools when it comes to connecting with potential candidates and making business connections that could potentially benefit your company. With the ability to advertise jobs, develop your brand and increase your visibility to a massive customer base, make social media a priority in your advertising strategy.

Display advertising: Digital Advertising isn’t all about making yourself visible: it’s also about making an impression in the way you market your company. Display advertising is an excellent way to do this, as it is all about being seen on banner ads and boxes on other people’s websites. Using a variety of different media like video, audio and text to stand out, display advertising is the art of getting- and keeping- your reader’s attention, and inciting them to click the link that will take them to your site instead.

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