Measuring your success

What you measure to determine the success of your careers website will depend on your recruitment marketing objectives. However, measuring success is generally all about tracking the source of your successful hires and setting benchmarks to measure results by, so you can tweak your recruitment marketing strategy accordingly.

And with 70% of hiring managers thinking that recruiting needs to be more data-driven to improve business impact, analytics should be a top priority for you no matter what sector you work in.

In Digital Recruitment Marketing, your aim should be to invest in your own digital marketing channels rather than relying simply on paid advertising to bring you traffic. Given the variety of ways that candidates make it to the website, it’s therefore important to know how they access your website and whether it was from owned, earned or paid media channels.

There is a wealth of data in website analytics packages; they will let you measure everything from your bounce rate to your referral traffic, and they’re something you should make the most of when you’re assessing the success of your careers website.

There are some key metrics to be aware of when assessing the performance of your website. These are:

Traffic – This is an obvious one but it’s important to spot relevant trends and compare them, year on year. Also pay attention to your Google Organic traffic: this will give an indication of your SEO power and whether you need to improve on it.

Google Rankings – How you perform in the search engines will have a significant impact on your website. Think of the terms or phrases you want to rank against and monitor their performance.

Conversions – These are generally applications, registrations and any other way of submitting a CV. You may want to track contact forms as well.

Conversion rate – If you add up all your conversions and divide them by your traffic number, that’s your conversion rate. Monitor this each month and you’ll get a good indication of the ease of application and registration (user experience) and the quality of your job adverts. If this is below 5% then you might want to consider reviewing workflows and content on your website.

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