Planning a careers website

To stay competitive, employers need to see the improvement and optimisation of their careers sites as a continuous ongoing process.

Deciding to buy a new careers website is easy. Planning that site brings with a whole new set of challenges.

So what should you be thinking about if you want to create a comprehensive design brief?

Your website should be the hub of all your recruitment activity, so the brief needs to be meticulously written if you want to create a careers website quickly, seamlessly and without undue complications- especially as you will need to present this brief to your stakeholders and your digital recruitment agency of choice afterwards.

Decide what you want

You need to identify the objectives for your new careers site. What sort of site do you want? Do you want one that will position you as a market leader with an amazing design and technology, or one that will ensure you stand out from the competition? It’s important to decide what look and feel you want the website to have so you can communicate this clearly to the designers, and to your stakeholders.

You also need to identify the problems that your new site will solve, and what you’re having difficulty achieving with your current one: are you having trouble connecting with the right kind of candidate base, or is your drop-off rate too high? What functionality or content can you put in place to solve this?


A large part of any brief should be taken up with deciding how you want to present yourself to the outside world. Designing a new website is a great opportunity to expand and develop your brand, and you should capitalise on this: after all, this website will be the first point of contact for potential candidates, and will shape their views of you as an employer.

What are your values, and what kind of audience are you targeting? If you’re targeting the creative industry, then the site could look cheerful and colourful, with plenty of interactive content like videos and infographics for people to browse; alternatively, if you’re a company that considers itself to be more professional, then you can opt for a more toned-down palette and a site that foregrounds jobs rather than content.

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The Future of Careers Websites

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