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It doesn’t take an expert in website user experience (UX) to know that the user experience on your careers website is a crucially important element of attracting your candidates. Job hunting is akin to shopping, and if candidates can’t find what they want quickly and easily on your site, they’ll move on to someone else – just like in the competitive world of retail.

Which factors improve candidate UX?

Loading time: We all know that a slow website can be frustrating at best and a complete red flag at worst, and when you’re trying to entice people to view and apply for your jobs the last thing you want to be doing is turning them away because your site isn’t up to speed: after all, more than half of mobile users will abandon a webpage if it doesn’t load within three seconds.

Mobile optimisation: Did you know that those using mobile devices are five times more likely to abandon the task at hand if the site isn’t optimised for mobile? With 43% of job seekers using their mobile devices when looking for new roles, and only 20% of careers sites on the market properly mobile optimised, it’s essential that your careers site has the right functionality in place to capture these eager candidates.

Ease of use: If your site is clunky and hard to navigate, you face the possibility of users disengaging and leaving the site. Likewise, a lengthy and complicated application process will deter most candidates and reduce the CVs you receive, as well as decreasing your quality of hire. Work on making navigation easier, and on reducing the number of steps it takes candidates to apply to any jobs: for instance, a one-click CV application.

A personal experience: Engage candidates by creating an experience that is tailored to them. Serve up related content, tailoring it to your candidates’ needs and to the market sector you work within. Similarly, installing a knowledge hub or blog where they can browse a variety of content and related jobs is a much better way of keeping them on the site rather than simply presenting them with a list of jobs.

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